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The goal of the Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and of its Dean Klaus Bollinger  is to teach architecture as an all-inclusive thought process that puts the future architect in the position to define architecture as a three-dimensional expression of culture. To achieve this, the three design studios of Kazuyo Sejima, Greg Lynn and Hani Rashid closely work together with specialists in the departments of technology, theory and editing within our institute, as well as with specialists from reputable external organizations.

This potential for interaction is realized in closely networked teams that are kept comparatively small to facilitate the transfer of knowledge. In computerlabs and state-of-the-art model shops, the latest technologies are tested in theory and practice. The continuous necessity of re-defining architecture both in theoretical and practical terms should be the main focus of teaching.  
Teaching Language: English


AGENT-BASED PARAMETRIC SEMIOLOGY Research Symposium and Exhibition

AGENT-BASED PARAMETRIC SEMIOLOGY Research Symposium and Exhibition

Agent-based Semiology aims to investigate, simulate, and predict contemporary spatial occupation patterns in social spaces in order to understand and develop the performance criteria that interactively link these spaces, their interiors, and their users. The research ambition at hand is to develop a method of architectural design that generates spatial environments with high social performativity. The cross-disciplinary approach combines elements from digital crowd simulation, spatial statistics and computer graphics with the aim of developing an explicit design process, that understands contemporary spatial organisations as coherent systems of signification without relying on the familiar codes found in the existing built environment.

Research teams will present the latest research and put concepts, methods and resuts up for discussion. With Patrik Schumacher, Robert Neumayr, Josip Bajcer, Mathias Fuchs, Tyson Hosmer, Soungmin Yu & Sobitha Ravichandran, Uli Blum & Philipp Siedler

Research Symposium: 08.05.2019, 3 - 5 pmExhibition: May 08 - May 12, 2019, Opening 5 pm
die angewandteOskar Kokoschka Platz 2, 1010 Vienna1st floor, IoA - the Square

The research is supported by the FWF's PEEK funding program.


Midterm Reviews @ Studio Kazuyo Sejima, May 20, 9am

Guests: Maki Onishi, Yuki Hyakuda


Midterm Reviews @ Studio Greg Lynn, May 3

starting 8am - 10am; continued at 4pm


Midterm Reviews @ Studio Hani Rashid, April 12, 10am

Guests: Lise Anne Couture, Kivi Sotamaa


IoA Sliver Lecture Manuel DeLanda, March 12, 7pm

Lecture by Manuel DeLanda

"The New Materiality"

Manuel DeLanda is an artist and philosopher. Between 1975 and 1982 he was an independent filmmaker. His films were selected for the Whitney Biennal in 1978 and had one man shows at Anthology Film Archives (1978), Collective for Living Cinema (1980), Millenium (1981). More recently he has resumed his filmmaking career, showing his new work at Anthology(2015) and Laboratorio Alameda, in Mexico City (2017). In 1982 he became a computer programmer and independent researcher in cognitive and computer science. Research on the sociology and history of computer science led to the writing of “War in the Age of Intelligent Machines”, published in 1991, on the military origins of computer technology. Since, he has published seven more books, including “A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History” (1997), “Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy” (2002), “A New Philosophy of Society” (2006), “Philosophy and Simulation” (2011), and “Philosophical Chemistry” (2015), and “Assemblage Theory” (2016). He currently teaches in the architecture departments at Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, and Pratt Institute.

University of Applied Arts Vienna
Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2 , Hörsaal 1
1010 Vienna


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