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The goal of the Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and of its Deans Hani Rashid and Klaus Bollinger  is to teach architecture as an all-inclusive thought process that puts the future architect in the position to define architecture as a three-dimensional expression of culture. To achieve this, the three design studios of Kazuyo Sejima, Greg Lynn and Hani Rashid closely work together with specialists in the departments of technology, theory and editing within our institute, as well as with specialists from reputable external organizations.

This potential for interaction is realized in closely networked teams that are kept comparatively small to facilitate the transfer of knowledge. In computerlabs and state-of-the-art model shops, the latest technologies are tested in theory and practice. The continuous necessity of re-defining architecture both in theoretical and practical terms should be the main focus of teaching.  
Teaching Language: English


Lecture "The Making of..." The Glass Roof of the British Museum, London; October 24, 7pm

Lecture "The Making of..." The Glass Roof of the British Museum, London; October 24, 7pm

Johann Sischka, Waagner-Biro

University of Applied Arts Vienna
Stubenring 3, 1010 Vienna
Seminarraum 2, top floor

This project is a true classic. Completed in 2000, it was a landmark in the evolution of complex steel-glass structures. Although it served as a paradigm for a multitude of subsequent structures worldwide, it is still unrivalled in terms of lightness, elegance, geometric perfection and intelligent detailing. The lattice shell that covers the courtyard in such an easy and natural way was the result of a challenging design and engineering process. Due to restrictions imposed by the delicate historical building, specific structural measures had to be taken. Even a novel node type was developed that was able to take bending moments and accommodate the different angles between the individual steel sections. The glazed roof consists of 4,878 individual rods, 1,566 individual nodes and 3,312 individual insulating glass panels.  Johann Sischka, engineer and Head of Business Unit at Waagner-Biro Stahlbau will talk about the technical challenges, the design development and the remarkable detailing of the steel-glass structure. The project was realized by the Austrian steel construction company in collaboration with the British architects Norman Foster & Partners and Buro Happold Engineering.


IoA Sliver Lecture Series 2017/18

IoA Sliver Lecture Series 2017/18

Positions - The Unfolding of Architectural Endeavors

October 19th | 7pm | Lichthof B
1. panel "Practice & Academia"

with Hannes Stiefel, Kristina Schinegger, Irmgard Frank and Hubert Klumpner

November 9th | 7pm | Hörsaal 1
2. panel “Academic and Research Networks”

Matias Del Campo, Nicole Stöcklmayer, Daniel Köhler, Moritz Doerstelmann and Christoph A Kumpusch

November 30th | 7pm | Hörsaal 1
3. panel "Build / Unbuild" Vol. 01

Christoph Pichler, Max Rieder and Carmen Wiederin

January 11th | 7pm | Lichthof B 
4. panel "Build / Unbuild" Vol. 02

Karl Baumschlager, Marie T. Harnoncourt and Barbara Imhof

March 8th | 7pm | Lichthof B 
5. panel "New Kids On the Block"

Andreas Schenker, Peter Pichler, Markus Innauer, Jean Pierre Bolivar, Quirin Krumbholz and Christoph Monschein

March 22nd | 7pm | Lichthof B 
6. panel "Partners and Associates"

Stephan Sobl, Thomas Vietzke, Nora Graw and Marc Paulin

April 19th | 7pm | Lichthof B 
7. panel “Architecture and Beyond”

Julia Körner, Johannes Mücke, Helga Schania, Cornelis Van Almsick and Martin Hablesreiter & Sonja Stummerer

Organized by Maja Ozvaldic, Bence Pap and Indre Umbrasaite

All events take place at the Angewandte, University of Applied Arts, Stubenring 3, 1010 Vienna


2nd Viennese PhD_Symposium Of Architectural Research, September 28-29, 2017

2nd Viennese PhD_Symposium Of Architectural Research, September 28-29, 2017

Bringing together doctoral students of the three Viennese architecture schools–Academy of Fine Arts, University of Applied Arts Vienna, University of Technology–and the University of Art and Design Linz, the 2nd Viennese PhD Symposium of Architectural Research will be again held End of September. Organised in four sessions, the participants discuss the state of their research with invited experts on the subjects of: Space/Perception, Architectural History, Cities/Urban Development as well as Media/Design/Technology. The event is accompanied by a guest lecture and an exhibition and presentation of poster contributions.

Keynote: Graham Harman: Philosophy and Architecture

Registration is not required.

LOCATION: Heiligenkreuzerhof, Schönlaterngasse 5, 1010 Vienna


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