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The goal of the Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and of its Dean Klaus Bollinger is to teach architecture as an all-inclusive thought process that puts the future architect in the position to define architecture as a three-dimensional expression of culture. To achieve this, the three design studios of Zaha Hadid, Greg Lynn and Hani Rashid closely work together with specialists in the departments of technology, theory and editing within our institute, as well as with specialists from reputable external organizations.

This potential for interaction is realized in closely networked teams that are kept comparatively small to facilitate the transfer of knowledge. In computerlabs and state-of-the-art model shops, the latest technologies are tested in theory and practice. The continuous necessity of re-defining architecture both in theoretical and practical terms should be the main focus of teaching.  
Teaching Language: English


Apply Now for the Architecture Challenge 14

Apply Now for the Architecture Challenge 14


Registration is open NOW!
22.-27. September 2o14


Exhibition Opening by [a]FA _ [applied] foreign affairs

Exhibition Opening by [a]FA _ [applied] foreign affairs

Exhibition Opening by [a]FA _ [applied] foreign affairsLUBUNGAMODE / KISANGANI / DR CONGO

Exhibition Opening at Alliance Francaise de Kisangani
September 6, 2014 
Urban Intervention in Lubunga
September 13 –14, 2014

Curated by: Baerbel Mueller, Frida Robles, Juergen Strohmayer, Stefanie Theuretzbacher, Theresa Theuretzbacher

An ongoing project by [applied] Foreign Affairs, Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts Vienna, in collaboration with Les Studios Kabako (



Register for the Second Entry Date!

Registration from now on until September 12th, 2014
Interviews: September 22nd until September 26th, 2014

Admission qualification

Each admission at the University depends on the artistic talent of the candidate as evidenced by the portfolio and a personal interview. The admission is decided by a jury. Requirement for approval is a bachelor (BA) in architecture or from a related field.

Admission 2014/15
The admission consists of 3 parts

1. submission of the admission form
2. submission of a portfolio (can be sent digitally, max. 20MB)
3. interview (which can be done via Skype)

The admission has been passed if all parts have been tested positive by the entry jury. The portfolio should present a CV, a letter of intent, a selection of own work in any media including architectural design, graphic design, photography, industrial design, printmaking, drawing, painting, sculpture, etc. (from 10 up to a maximum of 30 works)

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IoA Diploma- and Final Reviews, June 20-23

IoA Diploma- and Final Reviews, June 20-23

IoA Diploma- and Final Reviews

June 21, 10am / June 22, 9am
Diploma Reviews
Diploma Jury: Greg Lynn (Head), Klaus Bollinger, Hani Rashid
External Jurors: Tom Wiscombe, Patrik Schumacher
starting 11 am

June 22, 2pm / June 23, 10am
Final Review Studio Zaha Hadid
Guests: Hina Jamelle, Ali Rahim, Peter Trummer

June 20
Final Review Studio Greg Lynn
Guests: Michael Volk, Tom Wiscombe
starting 10 am

June 1o
Final Review Studio Hani Rashid
Guests: Martin Henn, Michael Volk
starting 10am

June 23
Urban Strategies Postgraduate Program / Semester Finals

Excessive / Hernan Alonso Diaz
Urban Technique / Reiner Zettl
Guests: Tom Kovac, David Ruy, Peter Trummer, Tom Wiscombe
starting 12 pm


Talk about Hollein, June 24, 2pm

Talk about Hollein, June 24, 2pm

Discussion, Tuesday, June 24, 2pm

Welcome: Gerald Bast, Rector Angewandte Vienna
Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, Director MAK Vienna

Francois Burkhardt, Theoretician, Architectural Critic, Berlin
Günther Feuerstein, Architectural Theoretician, Architect, Vienna
Lilli Hollein, Director Vienna Design Week, Vienna
Christoph Monschein, Hans Hollein & Partner, Vienna
Katarina Noever, Design Archive Section N, 1971-87, Vienna
Franziska Ullmann, Architect, Vienna, Professor Stuttagrt

University of Applied Arts, 2nd floor, Aktsaal

In Cooperation with the MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art


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