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Final Reviews at Studio Greg Lynn

Final Reviews at Studio Greg Lynn

January 27, 6 pm (CET) "Moving People and Air" with guests David Gerber, Pippo Ciorra, Yara Feghali, and Matt ConwayYou can join via


IoA Thesis WinterTerm 2020/21

Thursday, 21st of January

4:30 – 6:30 pm                       
Diploma Reviews Studio Rashid

7:00 – 9:00 pm                       
Diploma Reviews Studio Lynn

Friday, 22nd of January

3:00 – 5:00 pm                       
Diploma Reviews studio díazmoreno  garcíagrinda

Jury: Greg Lynn (Head), Matthias Boeckl, Klaus Bollinger, Mario Carpo, Brian Cody, Cristina Díaz Moreno & Efren García Grinda, Baerbel Mueller, Karin Raith, Hani Rashid

External guests: Kristy Balliet, Sanford Kwinter


forA on the Urban

forA on the Urban

It is a great pleasure for us to introduce forA on the Urban to you, which we developed on the initiative of Gerald Bast this year and which gets public this week via a first Open Call.

Within the architectural field and relatable disciplines, there is a rich and diverse tradition of the academic journal that has shaped and inspired discourse on the built environment. Experimental and self-reflexive, forA on the Urban will contribute to this tradition with an international journal that materialises through an acute engagement with this discourse to ultimately emerge with cutting-edge, collectively conceived reflections and ideas on the built and lived environment.

The specificity in this approach resides in the openness of understanding the making of a journal as an ecosystem of different formats, contributions, and content, evolving around a forum based on a triple-legged presence composed of a discursive online platform, a series of yearly events, and a printed physical artefact.

Towards the journal launch of issue#0 we are seeking contributions for an Open Call until January 8, 2021.The call addresses individuals and groups, academics, practitioners and students who work in the spatial disciplines. It is open – but not limited to – architects, urbanists, artists and scientists, as much as to scholars from the humanities who investigate the present and (possible) future of urban processes, conditions and challenges through theoretical, practical and artistic reflection.

forA on the Urban is rendered possible by Die Angewandte, conceptualized and produced by the Institute of Architecture, edited by Gerald BastAndrea BörnerCristina Díaz MorenoEfrén García GrindaBaerbel Mueller and supported by an international advisory board: Tom Avermaete, Margitta Buchert, Nerea Calvillo, Mario Carpo, Filip de Boeck, Teresa Galí-Izard, Mario Gandelsonas, Andrew Herscher, Sandi Hilal, Nikolaus Hirsch, Lesley Lokko, Mpho Matsipa, John McMorrough, Peter Mörtenböck, Helge Mooshammer, Alessandro Petti , Philippe Rekacewicz, Curtis Roth, Saskia Sassen, AbdouMaliq Simone, Ines Weizmann.

For more info, please visit:


David Rüßkamp wins Gold!

David Rüßkamp, graduate of Studio Lynn, was awarded the Gold Prize in this year's Laka Reacts Competition for his Diploma Project "The Mekong Market" from January 2020.Congratulations to David and the whole Studio Lynn team!

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IoA Sliver Lecture Series 2020/21 Mixtape

IoA Sliver Lecture Series 2020/21 Mixtape

Join us for this year's IoA SLIVER LECTURE SERIES "Mixtape".
Due to Covid 19 restrictions, all lectures will take place via Zoom during the winter term.

Marrikka Trotter (USA) October 22 / 7pm
Julien Lanoo (Belgium)  November 5 / 7pm
Stefana Parascho (Princeton)  November 12 / 7pm
3XN - Jesper Bork (Denmark) November 19th / 7pm
Lev Manovich (Seoul) November 26 / noon 12pm
Andres Sevtsuk (Cambridge, MA) December 3 / 7pm
Amale Andraos (New York)  December 10 / 7pm

Detailed info at:


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