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Lecture The Making of...Investcorp Building, Oxford, May 18,7pm

Lecture The Making of...Investcorp Building, Oxford, May 18,7pm

„The Making of the Investcorp, Oxford"
Michael Reifer/ Frener & Reifer

University of Applied Arts Vienna
Seminarraum 3, Top Floor
Stubenring 3, 1010 Vienna

Zaha Hadid always tried to push the artistic boundaries of architecture, thus challenging engineers and construction companies. One of her last projects, an extension to St. Anthony’s College, Oxford University, bridges the distance between two historic buildings with a glossy double-curved stainless steel shape. The small but spectacular building was realized in collaboration with Frener & Reifer, a company that strives to advance building technology in research and practice. The nearly seamless freeform steel facade with its electro-polished surface was completely planned, manufactured and installed by the Italian cladding specialist.

Michael Reifer will explain the design objectives that required an unusually precise prefabricated facade solution for the Investcorp Building (a.k.a. “Softbridge”). He will compare the project with other buildings the company contributed to in the last years and he will talk about technological improvements and his constant efforts to improve the data flow and close the digital chain of design and production.


IoA Sliver Lecture Martin Tamke, May 11, 7pm

IoA Sliver Lecture Martin Tamke, May 11, 7pm

Martin Tamke is Associate Professor at the Centre for Information Technology and Architecture (CITA) in Copenhagen. He is pursuing a design led research in the interface and implications of computational design and its materialisation. He joined the newly founded research centre CITA in 2006 and shaped its design based research practice. Projects on new design and fabrication for wood and fiber based materials led to a series of research projects and digitally fabri-cated demonstrators that explore an archi-tectural practice engaged with bespoke materials and behaviour.
Martin initiated and conducted research projects in the emerging field of digital production in the building industry and architectural computa-tion. The research connects academic and industrial partners from architecture and engineering, computer and material science and the crafts. Currently he is involved in the EU framework 7 project DURAARK, the Danish funded four year Complex Modelling research project and the adapt-r and InnoChain PhD research networks.
May 23: Liam Young, SCI-Arc
June 6: Ruth SchnellMartin Kusch, Angewandte


IoA Sliver Lecture Herwig Baumgartner, May 3, 7pm

IoA Sliver Lecture Herwig Baumgartner, May 3, 7pm

Herwig Baumgartner is a licensed architect, principal and co-founder of the architecture firm B+U, based in Los Angeles and a professor at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). Previously he taught at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) and conducted workshops around the country and abroad.
He received his diploma in Music and New Media from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and graduated with a Master’s degree in Architecture from Studio Wolf D. Prix, University of Applied Arts in Vienna in 1996. 
Prior to founding B+U with Scott Uriu in 2000, Herwig Baumgartner worked as a senior associate and project architect at Gehry Partners. He also collaborated with artist Richard Serra and worked on several large-scale sculptural projects in New Zealand, Naples, Toronto, and San Francisco. B+U work is often informed by experimenting with concepts and techniques outside the architectural profession, including electronic music, science and computation.
Upcoming IoA Sliver Lectures:

May 11: Martin Tamke, CITA
May 23: Liam Young, SCI-Arc
June 6: Ruth SchnellMartin Kusch, Angewandte


Studio Hani Rashid "A speculative Architecture for Vienna", April 4

Studio Hani Rashid "A speculative Architecture for Vienna", April 4

The University of Applied Arts Vienna invites you to the presentation of architectural discussions on places of the future

Tuesday, April 4, 2017, at 12:30 pm

Afterwards we invite you to a small reception. Please register via e-mail:

Dr. Gerald Bast, President University of Applied Arts Vienna
Dr. Harald Mahrer, State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy
o. Univ.-Prof. Hani Rashid, Head Studio Hani Rashid, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Location: Aula der Wissenschaften, Wollzeile 27a, 1010 Vienna

Throughout other parts of the world, primarily the West Coast of the USA and large parts of Asia, we are witnessing a widespread, euphoric view of the future,  partly as a consequence of the possibilities offered by the digital revolution. Conversely, what we are experiencing in Europe as a whole and in Austria in particular, is a very reserved approach to the future. This has resulted in skepticism towards technology and science. Therefore,  right now would be an appropriate time to face these grand societal challenges and approach them with optimism in order to build and shape the years ahead rather than succumbing to complacency, romanticism and fear of change.

Studio Hani Rashid, Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, is engaged with the development of platforms that invite the public to further advance perceptions and visions for the future. The project offers the opportunity for the presentation and interaction of ideas within a combination of agora and library type of space.


Lecture Klaus Bollinger, 7pm

T O D A Y! 7 pm


@ BENE, Neutorgasse 4-8, 1010 Vienna


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