IoA Institute of Architecture

University of Applied Arts Vienna



Diplom Sommer 08, Studio Prix

Daniel Kerbler, 2008


The a-tonal_formation is an experimental space for sound and music;  a forum for interaction between disciplines and styles, performer and audience. 

The building invites artists to stay and use its facilities to produce and perform.

It allows the musician to establish new relations with the public, by providing a permeable structure in which the latest productions and compositions can be experienced and purchased on site, and where direct contact between the performer and the audience is made possible.

The building tries to aid the process of finding new ways of distributing intellectual property.

In the past years the position of the artist got more and more clamped between the monopolistic policies of major record companies and the fact that the spreading of music over digital media networks is unavoidable and uncontrollable. A trend through which the spacial, the actual live experience could gain more importance. The a-tonal_formation aims to point out the uniqueness of music production and the fascination of interdisciplinary fusion of sound. Enabling the artists to reside on site, within the immediate reach of rehearsal, recording and production facilities, favours the coincidental crosstalk between musicians and their associated backgrounds.

This intense and compact mixture thus becomes a transistorial space for re-experiencing the world of acoustics by bringing the visitor into touch with forms and styles he/she was not aware of before.