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Master programme

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180 ECTS / 6 Semesters
Teaching language: Englisch

The Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna is one of the best schools of architecture worldwide. The goal is to teach architecture as an encompassing thought process that puts the architect in the position to define architecture as a three-dimensional expression of culture and focus on future urban design and socially relevant issues. Throughout the semester, internationally renowned architects, artists and theorists are invited to take part in presentations to guarantee a global approach and give input to stimulate an architectural discourse.

Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna is taught as an integrative discipline; an entity of artistic, technical, organisational, human and social aspects. A profound knowledge of creative, analytical design is the core within a networked study.

The architectural study is offered only as a Master Program that takes 6 semesters and finishes with a MArch.

Architectural design is taught in 3 studios; each with its own focus.

Studio 1: Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén García Grinda
Studio 2: Greg Lynn
Studio 3: Hani Rashid


Architecture is the three-dimensional expression of a society. Accordingly, as mentioned in the preamble, the programme is geared toward the acquisition of technical and theoretical knowledge in connection with the development of design ideas. However, it also gives students an awareness of the fact that architecture is part of culture and that they bear a responsibility with regard to the given tasks. By critically reflecting on “practical necessities” and standardised procedures, their specific expertise regarding space and organisation enables them to devise solutions to current and, above all, future problems and to meet the demands of society.

This is possible thanks to an educational training that encourages collaboration and imparts to the students the necessary tools and platforms for communication. Work in the design studios trains an openness between various disciplines, and the master programme intensifies this close interaction all the more as it is now possible to increase the intensity of studies on the structure and the solving of tasks to an advanced level.

For admission, proof of successful completion of a bachelor degree in architecture must be provided.