IoA Institute of Architecture

University of Applied Arts Vienna


Studio Kazuyo Sejima

The agenda is to critically reflect the discipline of architecture as it is condensed in its most fundamental concepts, its most pervasive forms and habitual design media. The aim is to expand and proliferate the repertoire of the discipline, gearing up to cope with a new level of complexity and dynamism.

Studio Greg Lynn

The studio focuses on compositions of intricately connected, subtly varied, continuously differentiated elements in non-modular dimensional series. Our student's sensibilities are attuned to the rhythmic patterns and undulations of calculus as they apply to architecture. We critically and creatively embrace the digital tools that have recently burst into architecture and effloresced in a myriad of forms and shapes.

Studio Hani Rashid

Hani Rashid's studio will focus on students working to develop conceptual, practical and critical skills and means for the making of new, compelling and forward thinking architecture. The studio focus will move between architecture as object to environment and phenomena. Operative terms in this studio include architecture as atmospheric experience, architecture as fetishized artifacts, architecture and new forms of dwelling and being, and architecture as an aesthetic, philosophical and metaphysical experience. 

Students will consider spatiality in terms both being geometric  and formal as well and experiential and experimental. Model making both within the realm of the digital (proficiency and interest in computing is very important) and as physical making. The studio will place a great deal of emphasis on 'proof of concept' approach where presenting physical models of varying scales, animation and computer generated images, diagrams and data to support arguments and design concepts.