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University of Applied Arts Vienna

Baerbel Mueller

Baerbel Mueller is a practising architect (nav_s baerbel mueller) and an Assistant Professor / Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Architecture (IoA) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria. She studied architecture at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences in Germany, and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, where she graduated with honours in 2002. From 2002 to 2011, she has been teaching at the studio of Wolf D. Prix (Studio Prix), directing student realization projects and transdisciplinary courses. Since October 2011 she is head of the recently established IoA lab [applied] Foreign Affairs, which investigates spatial and cultural pheno- mena in rural and urban Sub-Saharan Africa through research-based workshops and field trips. Between 2004-2008 she collaborated with a partner as nav_s andrea boerner baerbel mueller, focusing on urban research projects in the Western- and non-Western world; such as Vienna Intensities for the Venice Biennale 2006. 2008 she founded nav_s baerbel mueller [navigations in the field of archi- tecture and urban research within diverse cultural contexts], currently focusing on projects in Ghana and the DR Congo.