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University of Applied Arts Vienna

Clément Willemin

Landscape architect dplg - ENSP Versailles
Designer - ENSAAMA - Olivier-de-Serres

"Part of our mission is to anticipate the evolution of our social and urban territory, imagine the development of a city built on itself and which today, in a society of leisure, reinvents the idea of public space."

Clément Willemin is landscape architect, urban planner and visual artist. He founded BASE (Bien Aménager Son Environnement) with his associates in 2000, directly after leaving the ENSP (École Nationale Supérieure du Paysage) in Versailles. He currently manages the Paris office (30 people).

Clément Willemin deals mostly with urban projects, with cultural, social or commercial dimensions, such as public spaces, parks, playgrounds, cultural facilities, retails parks or urban neighbourhood renovations. Completed and ongoing project examples include Jardin Familistère Godin (2004), Cité du design de St-Étienne (2006), Aire de jeux Belleville (2008), Dijon Grand Sud (2012), Lormont Génicart Sud (2014), Écopole Valmy Dijon (2015), Capucins Angers (2017), University of Hanoï Campus (2017), Clichy-sous-Bois (OIN 2018), Campus Michelin Clermont-Ferrand (2018), Europacity (2022).

Since 2005, Clément Willemin teaches and speaks in several schools: ESAD (decorative arts) Strasbourg, ESAD Reims, ENSAAMA (applied arts) Dupérré in Paris, School of Fine Arts of Limoges, ENSP (Landscape School of Versailles) and ETH Zurich. He also founded the COAL group in 2008, which ensured the artistic direction of the Domaine de Chamarande in Essonne and the Art COP 21 program in Paris, in 2015.