IoA Institute of Architecture

University of Applied Arts Vienna

Daniel Prost

Daniel Prost is an Austrian born architect and designer based in Vienna. He is also an assistant at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the DDPLAB. He recived his architectural education in the studios of Wolf D. Prix and Hani Rashid. After graduation in 2014 he got the opportunity as a freelance architect to move to Shanghai to construct his first project. After that a number of hospitality and office projects in partnerhsip with architectural or design offices followed. In 2016 he joined Studio Schwitalla in Berlin, to work on more experimental projects at the intersection of architecture, urban design and socially valuable projects. Since 2017 he is an associate architect at Some Place, a design studio located in New York City and Vienna focusing on architecture and exhibition porjects. Daniel gained his first digital production experience already during his education, while working as a rapid prototyping assitant at Studio Rashid for 3 years and is now the latest member of the DDPLAB.