IoA Institute of Architecture

University of Applied Arts Vienna

Daniela Kröhnert

Born and raised in Karlsruhe, Germany, she studied architecture at the KIT (Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology) and graduated with distinction at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in Studio Prix in 2011. From 2009-2010 she was part of the „Crossover Studio“ of the IoA, lead by Gehry Technologies, to gain experience with their Building Information Modelling software „Digital Project“.
Being unsatisfied with a pure theoretical education, she co-founded the Design Collaborative „4Rooms“ and started realization of several projects during her undergraduate studies in Germany, including a temporary pedestrian bridge „roer_bro“ for a music festival in Karlsruhe.
Since 2007 she has been practicing with CoopHimmelb(l)au internationally on numerous projects and competitions, specializing in Digital and Parametric Design and CNC-manufacturing processes.
Besides leading the DDPLab in Vienna she is a freelance architect and designer and also holds a teaching position at the University of Nuremberg at the Institute for Digital Design and Drafting of Prof. Niels Jonkhans and regularly hosts traveling workshops in Romania and Germany.