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University of Applied Arts Vienna

Jürgen Strohmayer

Jürgen Strohmayer is an architect based in Accra, Ghana, and Vienna, Austria. After working with architectural offices in London, Los Angeles, Vienna, and Abidjan, he is now practicing independently on a variety of collaborations and projects ranging from building design and construction to spatial research. Juergen taught at the Ethiopian Institute for Architecture, Building Construction, and City Development (EiABC) and the University of Applied Arts Vienna (UAAV). He has been a member of the [applied] Foreign Affairs lab since 2011. In his practice, Juergen applies state-of-the-art design techniques and technologies within precise conceptual frameworks. Aesthetic, material, and organizational decisions are made-to-measure according to contextual analysis, sustainable strategies and programmatic needs. Juergen graduated from the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Studio Lynn) in 2015 with a magister architecturae (Masters) with honors. His ongoing research focuses on the spatial potentials of socio-technological developments. His design research investigates dynamic urban environments and architecture in light of digitalization, big data and robotics. This direction of architectural and urban design has large potentials in the rapidly changing cities of sub-Saharan Africa that assimilate and produce new technologies at increasing rates.