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Nadine Schütz

Nadine Schütz (((Echora))), Dr. Sc. ETH Zurich, Artist

"The sonic landscape is another ‘hidden dimension’ of our urban environment. It allows us to project ourselves in a here and elsewhere, to see differently, and to sense and transcend distances. This capacity makes it a spatial dimension, which could respond to a lot of our problems and desires, reflected in our contemporary public spaces."

The work of Nadine Schütz (((Echora))) connects landscape architecture, environmental acoustics and music. Exploring the role of sound in the of space through both practical artistic creations and theoretical research, she carries out projects at various scales, while maintaining the human experience as unifying directive. Be it the implementation of audio installations, the musical combination of abstract and ambient sounds, or the design of acoustic atmospheres and spatialities, her work combines technique and poetry and thus accompanies reflections on urbanity, nature and society.

Nadine Schütz lives and works in Paris and Zurich. Complementing her masters in architecture and urban design with studies in acoustics, psychoacoustics and music, she has assembled a versatile set of conceptual, artistic and technical skills that allow her to operate towards a new field of environmental art that might be called the work of an architect of sound. Within the scope of her doctoral thesis «Cultivating Sound – The Acoustic Dimension of Landscape Architecture», she has installed a new lab for sonic landscape spatialization at ETH Zurich. Currently she collaborates as and artistic resident with the IRCAM in Paris for developpeming of new methods and tools for urban land sound design.

Teaching and Project Examples:

For four years, Nadine Schütz has been heading the MediaLab of the Institute of Landscape Architecture at ETH Zurich, where she has been teaching landscape acoustics alongside Christophe Girot. As a guest teacher and researcher, she collaborated with the Kyoto Institute of Technology on a repertoire of sonic elements in traditional Japanese gardens. For her design approach on landscape acoustics, she received the Young Researchers Thinking the Contemporary Landscape awarded 2013 by the Volkswagen Foundation. Her work has been installed in the Migros Museum for Contemporary Art (Zurich), in the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, at 3331 Arts Chiyoda (Tokyo) and during the Long Night of the Zurich Museums. In 2018, Nadine Schütz works, amongst others, on the forecourt of the new courthouse at Porte de Clichy in Paris, with Moreau Kusunoki, a land sound promenade for a 300 meters bridge in Saint-Denis by Marc Mimram, and an exhibition scenography about street life in Senegal. With BASE paysagistes she collaborates on the renovation of the Place de la Défense.