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2008 Information Obsession

2008 Information  Obsession

The 2008 Sliver Lecture series combines emerging topics of information deployment and generation. The  series samples from the myriad of artists and architects engaging in the processes of Advanced Technologies, Computational Techniques, Algorithmic Codes and Digital Fabrication.

The manipulation and layering of information contributes to the demystification and transparency of the  design process.  No longer simply a tool, computational modes are the new digital medium shaping the  contemporary environment. The boundaries between neighboring disciplines have eroded, merging  technical culture and pop culture to create a highly refined set of exchanges that are available to a broad  audience.  Overlapping fields have created intriguing hybrids that simultaneously tackle issues of  architecture, visual design, and art.

Each lecturer deals with the concept of interface and operates with a range of scales and materials.  In various  ways, they incorporate pattern, organization, assembly, repetition, precision, transformation, and  visualization into their work.