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2009 Voluminous

2009 Voluminous

The 2009 Sliver Lecture series highlights architects and designers in search of the voluminous. Voluminous  designs are characterized by a sophisticated use of fullness and volume to generate complex spatial  atmospheres that challenge the flat, autonomous surface.

A recent desire for greater spatial effect and variation has lead architects and designers to synthesize  massing, skin and structure while simultaneously amplifying the intricate distinctions between them.  This  exploration has produced an intriguing body of voluminous design notable for its use of volumetric depth  on scales both subtle and grand.  Undulation, bulging, folding, creasing and laminated, layered masses are  only a few techniques deployed in recent  designs.

This shift to the voluminous is clearly note-worthy; each lecturer in the series explores a unique region of  techniques and design logic giving rise to voluminous environments or conditions.