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2010/11 Friends and Enemies: Massive Attack

2010/11 Friends and Enemies: Massive Attack

Friends and Enemies: MASSIVE ATTACK

The Fall Spring 2010/11 IoA-SLIVER lecture series within the Institute of Architecture emphasizes the enormous impact and reach that a network within a single institution can have. The many tenuous relationships that are built, designed, modified, and extinguished throughout a long journey are of particular interest. The invitations were extended to selected friends and enemies working as architects, designers, artists, curators, and critics, both near and far. They are critical agents within a broader innovative system. While the selected guests do not share a common technique, working method or genre, they all challenge convention. The resulting spectrum of work ranges from innovative buildings, detailed aliens, bloated sculptures, scripted worlds, and atmospheric islands.

The focus of this series is not to explicitly distinguish between, “Who are the enemies?” and “Who are the friends?”, but rather to assert that both are critical elements within the discourse and necessary to generate productive discussions. the lecturers decisively thrust their force in opposing directions, creating dynamic and counter ideas. Provocative forces wrinkle many collars and rustle many feathers, but they unanimously solicit responses that define and create trajectories.

The selected lecturers perform within the realm of the non-standard, at the extremities of their respective fields and view points. They approach their work with a religious zeal that is contagious, persuasive, and makes them critical both inside and outside networks.

University of Applied Arts, Lichthof B

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