IoA Institute of Architecture

University of Applied Arts Vienna

2. Academic and Research Networks

Nov 9, 2017, 7pm

University of Applied Arts Vienna, Hörsaal 1

Matias Del Campo - Taubman College Michigan; SPAN-ARCH

Moritz Dörstelmann ICD Stuttgart ; Fibr

Daniel Köhler - TU Innsbruck/The Bartlett; lab-eds

Christoph A Kumpusch – Columbia GSAPP NY; Forward-slash

Nicole Stoecklmayr – Scenes of Architecture

Moderated by Maja Ozvaldič

“It’s not important what we cover in the class; it’s important what you discover.” - Noam Chomsky

Prevailing public opinion is that academia often fails to engage with critical realities. New education systems entered political agendas all over the globe. We want to address architectural education and the importance of research within contemporary phenomena propelled by globalization, new media and communication technologies.

The Academic and Research Networks cluster gathers graduates as educators and researchers to discuss the reciprocity between educating, researching and practicing.

’The University of Applied Arts in Vienna is one of those rare schools where teaching gives rise to original design research in the form of systematic, theory-led exploration of new architectural possibilities.’ (Architecture Schools as Design Research Laboratories, Patrik Schumacher, ’Total Fluidity’).